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A Limes 1 Tausend GMT is available on eBay right now for well under 00, which is an excellent deal. I can easily recommend this, and almost all German Limes watches. This is because of their quality, and dedication to being bold, useful, and lasting timepieces.

Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases The features on the Colosso are rather interesting actually. The purpose of the Earth orb is to indicate GMT (24 hour) time, and the Earth turns one full time in a 24 hour period. If you notice on the lower portion of the face, there is a little window with a three letter word in in. This is used to display a city name, which represents on of the 24 major timezones (certain countries such as India have 30 minutes time zones). Using the pushers on the side of the watch you can scroll through the various time zones (whether you are traveling East or West). Though this is not the first watch to do this.

We've become big Sinn fans here at WatchReport, and today I learned of a new model, the 657. Available in black chromed steel (shown) or stainless, this update to the 657 adds some features of interest:

  • Updated bezel design, more durable and more readable markers
  • Size increased to a more modern 40mm by 12mm
  • Added a black chapter ring around the dial for readability.

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Few watch brands specialize in sport watches exclusively, but some do. Tag Heuer and Omega for example sell mostly sport watches, but offer dress watches as well. These are obviously very mainstream brands, but by no means the only brands one should consider. It is not possible to make an exhaustive list. The best idea is to search on eBay, or online for "diving watches, racing watches, pilot watches." As you explore, it will become obvious which ones you like or are not so fond of. One you find models you like, you can explore similar types or brands until you find the watch that has the perfect set of features you are looking for.

2. Revolution: This is the high-end of watch magazines. Not a technical journal, but not a fashion magazine, Revolution touts itself as a "watch lifestyle" magazine. Probably the best watch magazine in terms of editorial content and articles, this highly polished testament to watch love is a collector's piece in itself. The gem here is the attention to detail when discussing watches or watch personalities. Revolution understands that there is so much more to a watch than meets the eye, and each issue has lots dedicated to defining and discussing questions that most watch enthusiasts have, and cannot get answers to. Further, there are industry news mentions, and editorial articles focused on the more political or intellectual side of watch manufacturing and collecting. Revolution magazine is highly recommended.

Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Small watches

5. Chronos: An aptly named magazine that is sadly often thin in size and overly bloated with advertisements. It is true that most watch magazine have a ton of ads, but that is half the charm as these are interesting to look at. Regardless, Chronos could easily segment itself by being more niche marketed. Instead, it simply overlaps to a great degree with other watch magazines and provides little stand out content. If you see a copy, by all means leaf through the pages, and pick on up if there is an article or two that catches your eye.

A clue to the Patek Philippe attitude toward the US might be in why they think American's buy "nice" watches. "Today [in America], more and more business people really realize that watches are a type of statement and status symbol" explains the elder Philippe. I am not convinced that this is true, and the sentiment at work in Philippe's mind seems to be that people in America buy watches for the wrong reasons. Not to appreciate or enjoy them, but as mere status symbols. The European watch makers perform the task of watch design and creation with passion and serious interest. When they get the idea that someone is simply buying their creations to look good, without appreciating the taste or labor involved, there is bound to be resentment. Think of the emotional artist who has an offer from a wealthy buyer to outfit their new house with paintings. The buyer perhaps has no real interest in the artist or their art, but thinks the art would look good to cover barren walls. The artist agrees due to the money involved, but perhaps is not excited about the exchange.

Kobold Polar Surveyor Duo On eBay Ending Nov-28-07 17:05:41 PST: Two Gold Watches To Lust After Sales & Auctions You don't often see watches like this in pairs, but up on eBay for sale are a couple of 18k gold Kobold Polar Surveyor watches. One is all gold with the lovely metallic blue Kobold face, and other other is gold with a alligator strap and a black face. The bands are obviously interchangeable. Kobold watches are rare in the watch world for being an American company. Based out of Philadelphia, they use mostly swiss components are designed to be very rugged and functional. Knowing their upmarket appeal, Kobold does offer some of its pieces in gold as these two are.


Ocean7 Watches Fit For The Seven Seas And Your Wrist Watch Releases The prices of the Ocean7 watches are very aggressive and it begs the question of how high the quality of the bracelets and watches are. Their most expensive watch to date is the LM-2C at 00 for a titanium chronograph with an automatic Valjoux 7750. This is really a great price, as most other Valjoux 7750 movement based watches are nearly twice this price. Reviews indicate that the quality is top-notch, and with the prices of watch parts decreasing in Switzerland (due to volume), it could be a sign of new watch prices to come.

See RSW watches on eBay.

Nivrel and Benzinger are among those watch makers who produce handmade watches piece by piece, and provide a sense of exclusivity in their creations. That is part of what you get when you pay for craftmanship. Looking at this watch you see a classic design probably introduced by Patek Philippe, and beautifully emulated by Nivrel. The full calendar moonphase watch provides the time and all the basic calendar functions you want to know without making the watch face cluttered or busy.

Rolex Datejust II watches

At first glance, the Kobold Polar Surveyor is not much more than another time tool. Although closer inspection reveals a weighty and substantial element of design and class. A watch like this will look good in 100 years, along with watches like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. Many "showy" watches these dates will look dated quickly, but a watch like this never goes out of style. The idea is the simplistic functionality. When you merely polish what already works well, you enter the realm of "classic design." Don't get me wrong, I love innovative looks, but they often suffer from looking dated quickly. Something that looks familiar when you look at it is a design goal many strive for and fail. When you look at the Kobold, you know it instantly. You know what it does, and that it fits with anything you wear. This is a timeless piece of functional art.

Last year the luxury watch brand Concord moved to reposition itself as an even more exclusive luxury brand, with innovative, edgy designs and its former lines reduced to one, the new C1. When this spectacularly sportif, hunkily elegant new watch called the Concord C1 was first launched at BaselWorld 2007, last April, the entire production -- a thousand units -- sold out in one day. It seems that Concord is intent on repeating that impressive performance this year with their new offering, the Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity. One look at this incredible timepiece and its pretty difficult to imagine that they will have any trouble.

The first line of watches to house the Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movement is the Velatura line. Decidedly more upscale than the typical Seiko, the Velatura line takes design influence from nautical boating watches. The large hands resemble sails, which the numeric indicators hearken the popularity of diving watches. While the Velatura line of watches is not for everyone, the Kinetic Direct Drive movement is bound to be more popular as it enters an expanding line of Seiko watches.

Breguet REINE DE NAPLES watches

To implement the authorized dealer restrictions, manufacturers of high-end watches individually number each watch. These serial numbers or "codes," can be traced back to the store authorized to sell the particular watch. Because watch pricing is inflated to a high degree, it is necessary for watch manufacturers to police this system judiciously. A watch dealer will acquire a watch in two ways from a manufacturer; either purchasing the watch flatout at a dealer price, or on a consignment basis (where the retailer does not actually buy the item, but merely "displays" it for the manufacturer who either rents the space or pays a commission to retailer when the item is sold). Both methods have plus and minuses, but the majority of watch retailers purchase watches at dealer prices from the manufacturer and then resell them. At the basis level, the manufacturer has a retail price which they "suggest" and there is a different price that the dealer pays for the watch. The difference in those prices that the dealer makes in a sale is their profit.

Ever wonder where you can "pimp your watch?" There actually are a bit more places out there than you'd think, and you can get a ton of things done to your existing watches. Workshops like IWW (International Watch Works), are small companies with big roles. Not only to keep your watches healthy, but breathe new life into them.

Many thanks to Jay and Gary who provided more images the watch Bvlgari watches worn in Iron Man. Apparently these watches were preproduction models only lightly announced at Basel World. Here are two more Bvlgari watches shown in the movie. Both watches are in the Bvlgari Diagono line. The funny thing is that the watch displayed in the movie as Robert Downey Jr. looks at the time is set to the customary "10:10" positions that orients the hands in a way most flattering to the watch face. An obvious promotional shot orchestrated by Bvlgari, but fun nonetheless.

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So please, the next time you see the term "over sized" placed on anything, just disregard it or ask the sales person to explain. Which will inevitably result in amusement as they fumble their words. And marketers and sales people, please never use these idiotic terms. It the watch is big, tell me it is a larger sized watch. Don't make think that some regulatory agency is going to place an "excess tax" on my new watch because it laughs in the face of what is commonly associated as a prudent size watch for my wrist.

In response to the confused looking (but nice) watch, Seiko has added a few models to the Velatura line, but did something interesting. Not all of them have a Kinetic Direct Drive movement. In back the diver watch shown here has a traditional automatic made by Seiko. The movement (Seiko 8R28 automatic) in the new Seiko SRQ001J, could most easily be compared to an ETA Valjoux 7750, in terms of functions. Oddly enough, this new automatic is only rated at 100m water resistance, while the two quartz models are rated at 200m resistance. Don't asky why, but 100m resistance is not considered a true divers watch, which 200m will cut it, and 300m is the standard. Take my word for it. The cost of the Velatura diver automatic will retail for about 2,500 Euros. This is serious watch territory, but other Velatura watches are still in the sub ,000 dollar range.

Tag Heuer To Release Watch Phones Based On Link Model Watch Industry News It has been done before, but with no particular success. The phone in the watch. It makes sense from an ergonomics and functional standpoint, but is the world really ready for what might be even sillier looking than people who wear their Bluetooth headsets even while not on the phone? While it is not clear what the final production watches will look like, there is no doubt that Tag Heuer is going to release watches with mobile phones built in.

Piaget Polor

Tag Heuer To Release Watch Phones Based On Link Model Watch Industry News It has been done before, but with no particular success. The phone in the watch. It makes sense from an ergonomics and functional standpoint, but is the world really ready for what might be even sillier looking than people who wear their Bluetooth headsets even while not on the phone? While it is not clear what the final production watches will look like, there is no doubt that Tag Heuer is going to release watches with mobile phones built in.

Cousins Compared! Considering The Differences Between The Marcello C. Nettuno 3 And Tridente Dive Watches Wrist Time Reviews
Cousins Compared! Considering The Differences Between The Marcello C. Nettuno 3 And Tridente Dive Watches Wrist Time Reviews

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Wanted: The Ultimate Wearable Weight Loss And Health Data Device

Wanted: The Ultimate Wearable Weight Loss And Health Data Device


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Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists
Casio MR G G100
Time Remaining: 17h 41m

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You can now scoff at people who are fearful of dealing with eBay auctions. eBay is a powerful and rich way to get tons of things are great prices, especially watches. And remember that using PayPal to fund your purchases gives your automatic assurances up to 00 if the seller's feedback is 50 or more. So use eBay to its full extent, and never be worried about transacting on eBay again.

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Zenith Watches: From Movement Maker To Outstanding Manufacture Feature Articles
In the late 1990's Zenith re-imaged itself and began to produce high quality watches to house its legendary El Primero line of movements. Today, Zenith produces some of the most interesting line of watches available from house Manufacture (meaning the watch maker also makes its own movements). A signature feature of many of the Zenith watches is an open window into the movement. This they refer to as "Open" in a watch. Through this window you can see one of the main gears moving while a crank regulates how fast it spins. This seemingly basic movement is essential in keeping the watch accurate. It is nice to look into the window and see the gears moving. Many watch enthusiasts liken this to looking into "the soul of the watch." Seeing the "living machine" brings far more pleasure than a quartz watch ever could in terms of movement appreciation.

Having said that, you probably cannot be expected to wear the DeWitt WX-1 too often. It is frankly too big to even fit under a shirt sleeve, and you'd be mortified to ding it. On the same note, it is interesting that DeWitt probably spent the least amount of effort on the aspect of this watch that tells the time. The clock portion of the watch sticks out like a node from the mothership. Unlike traditional watches that use hands, the WX-1 has three two rotating discs. Line them up with the small arrow at the top of the dial, and you have the time. First appearance tells me that the discs are some manner of compass or instrument too complicated for my cognition. Closer inspection however reveals numbers commonly found on a watch face, this must surely be where I tell the time, and it is. This isn't DeWitt trying to confuse anyone, but rather to ensure the effect of the watch is not last. The vision of a grand complications, whose read out of information has been as beautifully conceived as the body that holds it.

eBay helped to reinvent the shipping industry. Yes, in the late 1990's online shopping was growing larger, but it was the immense "peer to peer" buying and selling network of eBay probably took the US Post Office out of the dark ages, and into the modern era. The shipping industry still has yet to catch up with eBay's seamless and past paced process, but it has come a long way. The next real innovation will involve being able to pick up shipments from your home or office, and then for us to be able and schedule specific delivery times. When those two issues are resolved, I fear for the lives of most retail locations.