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The movements (said to be just 2.8mm thick) have a power reserve of 55 hours and operate at 18,000 bph. The dial offers a view of the nicely rendered tourbillon to the left, and a subsidiary dial for the hours and minutes to the right. Under the time display is the mainspring barrel which turns as you manually wind the watch via the crown.

The opposite of a user generated revenue model is a purely advertising revenue driven model – and this is what most media websites rely on. They don't do this to be sneaky or unethical, but it is often the only way to make money. There are a few problems with this approach. First is that the internet has made advertising space a very common commodity. Traditional advertising space via television, radio, billboards, and print was much more limited. Today the amount of sellable "impressions" is also limitless. This means that websites need to explain in detail to advertisers why advertising to their audience is different and more effective than advertising elsewhere. Advertisers have a serious need to share their messages with consumers, but the trick for them is being able to effectively determine how to spread their budgets and make sense of a lot of complex factors.

Furthermore, it allowed Panerai to drill the lugs and allow the strap to be fitted with a removable bar, whereas in the case of the wired lugs, the straps had to be sawed around the lugs, making replacements much more difficult and time consuming. The result was a structurally stronger lug design with a more integrated aesthetic. Quite unreasonably, Panerai notes that the original Radiomir 1940 case was 15 millimeter thick, but fails to mention in any and all of its official communication exactly how much thinner the 2013-2014 Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM572 actually is, so we reached out to them and learned that the 572 comes in at 12.2 millimeters in thickness.

We thought we'd conduct an experiment. Watches are subtle and evoke an emotional response; choosing a watch to wear is a very personal experience. So, choosing one for someone else naturally introduces new levels of complexity and potential pitfalls. In the end, is it just a 50/50 hit-or-miss coin-toss-crap-shoot, or even if you know them well, can you really be sure that you are giving them something they will truly enjoy?

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My favorite of the current crop of Orient dress watches is the recently re-issued and somewhat improved Orient FER2400CN0 (true to its Japanese heritage, Orient watches have expectedly idiosyncratic model names and SKU numbers that provide no end of delight). This is an exceptionally classical variation of the Orient Bambino line: it’s a true, unequivocal dress watch. That’s clear from the roman numerals on the dial and their lack of lume. I enjoy the roman hour markers here not just for their antique anachronism, but also their strong legibility (to me, a crucial component of a successful dress watch). On this dial, the numbers are mirrored steel: they have a sparkle, but take on the color of what they’re reflecting, causing them to come into focus clearly.

A fusée is a cone-shaped pulley around which a chain attached to the barrel (containing the mainspring) is coiled. It is a device that we have seen used in some other previously debuted offerings, such as the Romain Gauthier Logical One, the Breguet Tradition Ref. 7047, or, sticking with Zenith, the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Tourbillon.  We have discussed this device in all those previous articles in great detail, but to keep it short, we will say the primary function of this centuries old invention is to counter the effects of the ailing torque of the mainspring as it winds down, hence improving isochronism over the course of the watch's power reserve – which, in the case of the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot, is 50 hours.

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Although I am not generally for or against automatic winding, in this particular instance, I genuinely feel it should have been omitted – perhaps the only legitimate criticism I can think of when it comes to this wonderful caliber. The large, satin finished rotor looks like it has more in common with top-of-the-line architecture than watchmaking – the strong, angular design with the well-balanced curves here and there remind me of a bridge or a fancy new theater, for whatever reason – but should it not meet the buyer's expectations, Audemars Piguet offers a customization service where the rotor can be uniquely decorated upon the customer's request.

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There are a few versions of the watch, with the most interesting having matching hexagonal nut hour markers and (fitting) wrench-style hands. It all looks a bit silly until you realize that it actually aesthetically works. Greco has produced a few timepieces in the past that he never went public with and only sold to close colleagues. Though, the last time we spoke a few years ago, he did mention that his "brand" was going to be a bit more visible soon. Yes, in the Swiss watch world, 1.5 years later is "soon."

Maximilian Büsser: An Ebel Chronograph in steel with the El Primero movement.

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For starters, let us talk about Sjöö Sandström. They are a Swedish company (not too many watches coming from there as of late), with roots going back to 1986. It was then that two engineers, Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström, came together over a love of watches. Their first effort was an automatic piece produced in 1993, and a worldtimer introduced in 1997. Now, in 2014, they're introducing the Sjöö Sandström Royal Capital, a new watch with an interesting movement.

I chose the Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Days Titanio watch for Zen, as it is a really cool, stylish, and versatile watch. Since Zen is our copy editor, I felt that a watch with a bold dial sporting really clear luminescent indices is a must when it comes to beating late night deadlines. In addition, copy editing can be quite time-consuming, and thus, the 8 day power reserve ensures winding only once a week.

Zen Love Says:

Today, the Mille Miglia is a classic and vintage car event that runs as a regularity race, where teams must follow extremely precise goals for time and average speed. Still held on public roads, the regularity race format makes for a much safer and road-legal event. Using a classic Porsche 550 Spyder, Chopard's Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele has run the modern Mille Miglia with none of than "Monsieur Le Mans" (and Chopard ambassador) Jacky Ickx. Chopard's participation at Mille Miglia also includes being the official timekeeper since 1988 (you can read more about Chopard and Motorsports here).

Ok, let's get back on track. For the men's model, the titanium case is wrapped in a black finish, as is the bracelet and dial. Both watches feature a ceramic bezel, some dark argent touches throughout, as well as gold finishes on the handset, indices, and pushers. In short, while these are definitely gadget-driven sport watches, they have a more refined look. Perhaps not quite for evening wear, but anything short of that should work.

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There are official and unofficial ways of getting a watch. Official places to purchase new watches include authorized dealers who carry a range of brands, as well as brand boutiques that carry products from just one brand. Some watch companies make their timepieces "officially available" for purchase online (either directly on their site or via third-party authorized dealers) and some don't. Unofficial ways of buying watches include a host of "gray market" dealers who aren't authorized dealers but acquire timepieces in a range of ways.

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