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Clinton: Here we have a much more reasonable size at 43mm. For some, this is still considered large, but most are perfectly content with this size, which is just over average. Most people are content with being a bit over average right? Given the complications this watch has, it is actually impressive to see it in a case under 45mm. Even with all those subdials you can still make out what the readings are.

See Seiko watches on Amazon here.Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan's Rolex GMT Master Watch Releases

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan's Rolex GMT Master Watch Releases
Seiko Mens Prospex Kinetic GMT Black Leather Strap Watch 46mm SUN057 Black
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Oris Atelier Worldtimer Review On


Flashlight With The Spirit Of A Fine Watch: The Lumencraft GatLight V3 Titanium Luxury Items Flashlight With The Spirit Of A Fine Watch: The Lumencraft GatLight V3 Titanium Luxury Items Coming in a nice box with a carrying case, the Lumencraft GatLight V3 Ti flashlight is not cheap as far as flashlights go at hovering near 0. But for the enthusiast who loves well engineered goods built to function and last, they are well worth it, and a totally different type of item than other expensive flashlights such as Surefire. You all know what it is like to have a terrible and unreliable flashlight. Weak beam, you never know if it will turn on, randomly turns off, batteries never last; memories all too familiar with most flashlights we have dealt with. I have noticed well priced Lumencraft flashlights on eBay at significant discounts. A great flashlight worth checking out.

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This black faced cult hit NauticFish dive watch features a very interesting movement that is seldom seen. It is essentially an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with a Dubois Depraz 2020 chronograph module built on it. This is a very hardy automatic with one of the best chronograph modules adding additional functionality. Perfect such a watch. Schaumburg and NauticFIsh watches always have thick cases. Using lots of steel, and thick sapphire crystals, the NauticFish has a "deep look." One tell-tale feature is the deep-set date, showing you how much is going on in the watch movement.

High Quality Spy Gadget "Q" Watches From Veldini To Arrive Soon; Three Versions For The Spy In All Of Us Watch Releases

Like the Sinn, the Damasko DC66 features a special gasket system in the pushers and crown to prevent against debris and water entering, along with protecting the watch from shock and damage. Both watches also feature antimagnetic cases because of the soft iron cores. Neither of these watches have any lack of technology or features making them hardcore rugged companions.

Regardless of the fact that the face has an array of dials and hands, legibility is quite good. This is often a concern with watches that try to do too much. You have so much going on, that your eyes are strained in just trying to figure out what time it is. The Citizen Campanola Grand Complication employs a simple yet very effective tactic to battle this. The periphery of the face involves the placement of large beautifully painted Arabic numerals (Roman numeral versions are also available). The choice of font for these number is impeccable. Reminiscent to me of luxury without pretension. Much like the numbers used on large European clocks in the 18th Century. The hour and minute hands are white in contrast to the darker face in order to permit a better reading. They are not luminescent, meaning that night viewing is not available. One version of the watch that I noticed had the hand filled in with luminescent material for night viewing. Later apparently, Citizen decided to remove these areas and make those spaces empty to allow for better view of the operations below. This was probably a good decision and the previously thick hands would have obstructed the view below. Little touches like this are part of what I so enjoy about this watch.

See Certina watches on eBay here. Mini Review: Mediorce Used Watch Retailer Disguised As An Auction Site Feature Articles As though I needed any reason to keep on using eBay, my experience with does just that. eBay has a very good thing going on. Last I checked, it is the 9th most visited website in the United States, and on the watch front, enjoys an impressive volume of inventory daily. The auction method of buying watches will ensure you the best price for watches, hands down. Other quality sites feature flat prices, or direct to seller interaction, but there is no better online auction site than eBay. Here is one "competitor;"

See Eterna watches on Amazon here.Eterna KonTiki Diver Watch Available: Be One Of The First To Own One Watch Releases

Eterna KonTiki Diver Watch Available: Be One Of The First To Own One Watch Releases
Eterna Super KonTiki Automatic Watch Black Mesh strap 127341401718
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Eterna KonTiki Diver Watch Available: Be One Of The First To Own One Watch Releases
Eterna KonTiki Diver Automatic Chronometer Date Pwr Res
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I came across Partita Custom Jewelry and Watch Store in San Francisco quite coincidentally while walking along Chestnut Street in the Marina district. Each time I see watches in a store window, I have to stop and look. What I saw at the time were Schaumburg, Limes, and Graham watches sitting in the window. Rare watches indeed, and I had never even seen a store thus far that carried the rare Schaumburg and Limes watch brands. Upon walking in I was presented with many other veritable brands. I had the opportunity to speak with Beverly and Calvin who own and operate the shop. They have a very interesting take on the watches they carry. One that I am sure most watch stores should follow. Traveling to Basel World (the large watch convention in Basel Switzerland), they meet and select from their favorite watch brands to sell in America. They choose only those watches they personally love, and I have no qualms with their taste. What a great concept, really. Establishing a personal relationship with the watch manufacturer and then selling them directly to the consumer. That is what you get when you have watch lovers selling watches.

See Marcello C watches on eBay.

See Franck Muller watch auctions on eBay here.

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Chanel J12 And Audemars Piguet Make Watch Love Watch Style
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Mens Pink Gold Rubber Black Stick Dial 44MM
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Chanel J12 And Audemars Piguet Make Watch Love Watch Style
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Breguet Grand Complication Ref. 1160 Pocket Watch: Return Of A Legend In Spirit And Actuality Watch Releases

In addition you have a big date display and two vertical gauge indicators for two other time zones. This is nicely done, but also not a first. It might take some getting used to reading the time in this format though. Having said all that, I return to my previous point that this is a showpiece watch meant for a desk or alike. While it is useful as daily timepiece, I doubt even Hysek would recommend that. Instead, this is a serious statement for complexity, and Swiss watch maker's own brand of science fiction. The character of this watch is enough to appreciate it, beyond merely being impressed by the price. Take for instance the "traditional" power reserve indicators used in the watch. There are at least two mainsprings in this watch that are visible under reserve magnifiers on the face. Instead of looking at a power reserve gauge, you just look to see how tightly wound the spring coils are. If they are loose, you wind it. A very simple method, but effective, and I like how Hysek emphasized it by placing them under magnifiers.

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The “It’s Good To Be King Watch:” Backes & Strauss Berkeley Diamond Watch

The “It’s Good To Be King Watch:” Backes & Strauss Berkeley Diamond Watch

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Amusing Look At Fake Watch Store; Worth The Look For The Laughs

Amusing Look At Fake Watch Store; Worth The Look For The Laughs

Bringing The eBay Experience Closer: New Custom Dynamic Live Listing At Evolving ABTW It isn't news that I love eBay. But it is more than just a personal obsession that brings eBay to For a long time I had a dream. How could I share with everyone the watches I love and recommend watches in one easy automated place? Well, I finally figured it out. Check out the newest and most interesting page on Th eBay auction page. What I was able to do, is list live eBay auctions based on a whole list of search terms that I create. I will be adding to the list all the time, and one can visit the page to see tons of great interesting watches available on eBay.

Bid now The New Seiko Mechanical Line (SARB027, SARB029, SARB030) From Announcements
Seiko Automatic watch
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The pictures above are meant to serve as realistic ideas of what the Tag Heuer phone is going to look like. The watch bracelet and case are taken from Tag's Link line of watches. A very comfortable and respectably watch by most standards even though they are so mainstream. The meat of this this phone is in the face which has a number of pushers on the side. Close inspection of the face reveal indicators around the bezel that suggest a touch screen. This has been implemented before well on the Tissot T-Touch line of watches.

On a few instances I have dedicated discussion to the world of luxury diving watches. To some, it seems a contradiction, why imbue a tool meant to be exposed to harsh elements with a luxury facade? To others, it seems like the perfect combination of things they love. I fall into this latter category. The seminal luxury diving watch was the Rolex Submariner. Since them, many have come in to market and have succeeded Rolex at it's own game in many areas.

See the auction page on eBay for more details. Price is great, at ,600-,700. Retail goes for about a thousands dollars more than that. It comes in the really nice stained black wooden box that Temption is also known for. I've never been let down by Temption watches, especially from a style perspective. The goal of these watches is to excel in function, and they do so admirably. You have to agree that this is a nice looking, minimalist inspired, showy watch. A nice, and as you can tell here, non-paradoxical dichotomy.

I wish I could say that it was a struggle and that the elements were against me. The truth is that most of my writing has flowed smoothly from my fingers to your screen. With lots more to write about each day, my only limitation is time and your attention span. If I could write full time about watches, and perhaps other items of interest; I would gladly.

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It is my firm conviction that each watch collection must have at least one classic diving watch. I am not just talking about a timepiece with a 100 meter or more water resistance, I am talking about that look, with the three link metal bracelet, rotating bezel, and large and bright hour indicator dial. In other words, a Rolex Submariner 'homage' watch. It is ok, there are few watches that deserve such an homage, the classic Rolex diving watch is one of them. Otherwise, if you don't have a watch of this ilk in your possession, you aren't only going to feel left out, but you'll be missing out on a phenomenon of watch ownership where one style of watch, really seems to fit perfectly in every occasion and for all purposes.

The watch also has a calendar with the day of the week and the date. It is unclear whether this is a perpetual calendar or not, but you need to manually press one of the pushers to determine the day of the week. Interesting layout, but it does make the watches look attractive. From a style standpoint, there are the more classic models with the sharp rotating bezels (my favorite), and there are the more trendy carbon fiber inset models. The latter two may look a bit more rugged, but I like the classic look of the former, and the bezels that look taken from the Sinn parts bin. Legibility has always been of paramount importance in and Citizen Promaster or Diving watch. These perform decently well, though there are a number of lines that might allow for some confusion. Night legibility should be great given the large amount of luminant. With a 200 meter depth rating, these watches should perform well in most diving conditions. Pricing should be 0-0. Watch for them soon.